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What is Ataystamp?

Ataystamp is a multi-blade grooving tool developed by Dr. Ömer Özgür ATAY. Its purpose is to prevent the time and tissue loss that occurs when opening channels one by one and to shorten the hair transplantation period significantly.

Adjusting and calculating the angles and dimensions of the blades as seen in the images, Dr. ATAY introduces its new invention, Ataystamp, to the market and prevents your hair follicles from dying outside during hair transplantation.
The graft planted per cm2 is 2 times more than the one made by human hands, and it is 40% less due to the reduction in the anesthesia time you have received.

To put it more simply, it’s like a finger cut off. Just like when any of your limbs are severed, you go to the hospital quickly by keeping that limb in a cold sterile environment. Hair transplantation is the same. Your grafts are a part of your body and every time it waits, it loses its life, the tissue continues to die continuously. However, if the time in the grooving process is shortened, the grafts will wait for less time outside, and thus your transplanted hair will remain alive on your head.

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